The conditioning treatments we provide as a service are salon-exclusive. The reason for this is they are mixed by our team to suit every different person's needs-not one person's hair is the same, so why should your treatments be? After our in-salon fibreclinix personal prescription treatment, we will recommend you take-home treatments to maintain the condition and longevity.

Hair Conditioning Treatments

Have hair that not only looks great but also feels great.

When it comes to hair treatments, we like to think of ourselves as hair doctors. One of our Blaze hair experts will sit down with you and discuss your hair problems. We will then analyse your hair to find the source of the problem before tailoring a treatment regime specifically for you and your hair.

With our expertise, your hair will regain its lustre, find its bounce and you’ll notice a volume and depth that you never thought was possible. For example, if you are tired of dealing with frizzy hair, we would pick the perfect Fibre Clinix treatment for you. Fibre Clinix treatments will help to de-frizz your hair, make it far sleeker, and open up a whole range of styling options.

For men, if you feel as though your hair is thinning we would suggest a regime of hair-thickening products and also make suggestions as to which styling products you should avoid.

We can’t prevent balding, but we can slow it down and try to restore some thickness and volume.


In-salon Fibre Clinix Treatment
In-salon Fibre Clinix Treatment With Continued Aftercare Products
£60 £50
£60 £50

Speak to one of our hair stylists today to discuss the look you’re after, how much time you require, and when you’ll need your appointment.

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