Our salon offers a welcoming space for recent graduates and established Hair Artists alike. Over the years we have developed what we call the sweet spot of structure, we have systems in place to help you grow and succeed while giving you the freedom to flow in your own rhythm with your clients

You're An Artist
You Need The Space to Be You!

Aspiring hairdresser – grow your career and confidence

Our collective of hair stylists is working towards the common goal of personal, professional, and monetary growth. We can only get there together.

We are always open to meeting aspiring hairdressers or individuals wanting to improve their skills in the industry.

If you have the personality, passion, and attitude but not the experience or skills, we can help you reach peak level with our expert hairdressers and educators

With our Salon in Kingswinford, we have a passion for helping people achieve their goals! We are here to help you grow your career and confidence so that you can reach for the stars!

Let’s have a chat about the many ways we can help you advance your career at Blaze Hair


If your looking for a career in Kingswinford, and have a passion for hair, why not get in touch.

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