We all want to feel like a million dollars when we have a special occasion, and we understand having the right hairstyle can make a real difference. Take the time you deserve to create a look which makes you feel your best.  Use this page as a guide to get the most out of your time in salon leading up to your event! 

Celebration Hair Packages

On a special occasion, whether it be a wedding, prom or a party, we know how important it is to look and feel your best. Therefore, we offer tailored packages to suit your every need. We are happy to offer group discounts for large parties simply look at the range of options we offer below and give us a call to discuss an overall package price.

Trial Time

We all know a hairstyle can make or break a look - our advice, practice! A trial gives you time to try out your ideas with your stylist. We then photograph the ideas so that both you and your stylist can look over all options and come to a decision together. We reccommend trials to take place around a month before the event- this gives you time to buy any accessories you may decide on, or even book second trial if this is what you need. 

All trials are usually an hour long and cost £25 - on the day timings and price will then be discussed after making a decision on the final look!


Time with your stylist to discuss your requirements and your initial ideas.

For inspiration we have our own stylists photobook in salon and you can check out our Instagram and Facebook images.

During consultation we will  check our availability for the date of your event- please come to us with a clear time you need to be ready for, we can then advise you on what time is best for you to visit us. Our team are always accommodating, and where possible they will alter their working hours to suit your needs.

Once we have had an initial discussion, we will then reccommend a hair care plan, to get you prepared ready for the event.