Nicky Clarke OBE - Red carpet hair with Nicky Clarke at his Mayfair salon.
Brett and the team had a full day with Nicky and his team at the Mayfair Salon in London.

The team were trained on how to dress and create styles for special events. The day consisted of meet and greet, a morning seminar, during which Nicky Clarke demonstrated how to prepare, curl, dress, pin up & add ornamentation to the hair.

During the afternoon the whole team watched a photo shoot followed by an informal Q&A session. An experience Brett and the team will never forget! The educational day has provided the team with invaluable experience on how to achieve those red carpet hairstyles that have staying power.

The Team at Nicky Clarke's salon in London

Daniel Galvin OBE
Leanne and Kerry completed a 3 day colour training course from the world renowned Daniel Galvin Salon in London’s West End. Daniel Galvin is the founder of permanent hair colour and the first in the industry to be awarded with an OBE for his services within the industry.

During the three days both of them were assigned to different colour technicians who they assisted for the few days. During the time they learnt many different colour placement techniques that the top colour technicians in the industry use on their celebrity clientele.

All these techniques have now been implemented into their work in the salon and can be seen from the standard of the consultations delivered right through to the advice and guidance given on after colour care.

Kerry & Leanne with Daniel Galvin

Colour with honours (Awarded salon)
Taught at the Clynol Academy by the masters of colours themselves, this prestigious qualification provides you with the skills to discover your creativity when working with everything from highlights through to applying fashion shades for dramatic effect.

Over a period of eight weeks, Brett had to create an artistic portfolio which was used as inspiration when creating ‘the look’ for his model at the end of the course for a stage presentation in London. The course involved looking into how colour is made up of light (prisms), to how it is injected into the hair and thereafter its longevity.